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Seattle Travel Itineraries, Tips, and Guides

As I spent 2020 grounded in my home in Seattle, I began to write more and more about the adventures I’d taken in my home city and the neighborhoods, parks, fountains, and destinations I love.

Below, you’ll find all of my Seattle related articles listed with thumbnails and short descriptions. Via this listing you can find some of my best Seattle related content: including detailed guides to the best at Pike Place can offer, secret art and wading pools under the shadow of the space needle, a mural walk I personally designed based on my urban exploring during my daily commute, and even some hints for visiting the Seattle Amazon campus as a tourist.



If during your visit to Seattle you’ll have a car, consider the following Seattle day trips. Just a short drive from the city- and occasionally a ferry ride as well – these destinations offer a get away from the urban environment to enjoy the best Seattle day trips in the Pacific Northwest.