• Visting the PNW hiking trail where gnomes rule the woods
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    The PNW Hiking Trail where Gnomes Roam – Seattle Day Trips

      If you’re seeking a quirky half-day adventure near Seattle, look no further than the gnome trail in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains about an hour east of downtown Seattle. The gnome trail is a collective art project, collaboratively in a state of constant creation and change thanks to visitors who participate in this hiking trail turned art project.   What is the gnome trail? The gnome trail is an easy hike for most age groups (although not stroller friendly). It has a good amount of incline, just enough for a nice stroll with slight exertion. The trail is well-maintained, with no particular parts difficult to traverse due to…

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    Seattle in the Rain: How To Enjoy Rainy Days as a Tourist Visiting Seattle

    If you are planning a trip to Seattle, you might find your plans interrupted by unexpected rainfall- but don’t worry, Seattle knows just how to make the most of rainy days and in this post we’ll review some of the best ways to ENJOY what rain brings to the city. It’s important to remember that in Seattle, unless it’s a rare total downpour, we pretty much just continue with life as normal! Rain in Seattle tends to be a gentle rain with small raindrops, making it pretty comfortable to carry on with normal activities with no special equipment other than a good pair of shoes and a light raincoat. The…

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    Most Instagrammable Spots at Pike Place Market (and How to Find Them!)

    Pike Place is one of the most instagrammable places in the world, and it’s a great place to re-create your version of iconic shots. As a resident of the Pike Place neighborhood for four years, and regular visitor turned tour-guide to Pike Place Market. I learned the in’s and out’s of this historic neighborhood in downtown Seattle and am excited to share the best photo secrets. In this post, I’ll be telling you how to find the best photos spots- including how to re-create the iconic shots you’ve seen before, how to get new angles on classic shots, and how to find some truly unique backdrops within this diverse neighborhood.…

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    The 5 Best Study and Work Spots in Seattle, Washington

    Sometimes I need to break up my routine and switch up my study or work spaces. A change of scenery and a little bit of background noise often helps me focus- and getting out of my tiny studio is never a bad idea. In this post I’ll be introducing you to some of my favorite digital-nomading and grad school paper-writing spots in Seattle. Previously, I fiercely guarded the locations of my favorite hangouts, for fear of them becoming too popular. As I compose this post, however, I’m midway through the process of moving out of the heart of Seattle, and as I say goodbye I’m ready to spill all the…

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    What to Pack for a Pacific Northwest Beach Trip

    You’ve probably visited sun-drenched white-sand beaches, but a beach trip in the United State’s Pacific Northwest is an entirely different kind of beach trip! In this post I’ll be reviewing my packing tips for Washington and Oregon beach trips. Whether you are headed to the Olympic Peninsula to enjoying the majesty of the Pacific Northwest seacoast and Olympic National Park or exploring the countless beaches and inlets of the Puget Sound, packing for a Pacific Northwest beach trip requires a unique packing list. Here’s my list of must-haves:   1. A waterproof blanket In the Pacific Northwest it rains. It rains a lot. Even if you luck out and visit during…

  • Seattle adventures: guide to visiting SLU and Amazons campus

    Secret Seattle: Tips for Visiting Amazon’s Campus in South Lake Union

      South Lake Union is a neighborhood in Seattle. While it’s not the hottest tourist destination, South Lake Union is only a few steps from iconic Pike Place market and, as the neighborhood that is home to Amazon’s headquarters, is a fascinating part of Seattle to include on your itinerary for visiting Seattle. In this post, I’m going to highlight a few of my favorite stops in the Southlake union neighborhood – including some tips on finding the free and fabulous gems hidden in this Seattle neighborhood.   Amazon HQ Tour if you happen to be planning far – and I mean FAR – in advance, you may be able to snag and…

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    Sightseeing Seattle for (Almost) Free – Cheap and Free Seattle

    Seattle is an amazing place to visit, but with basic hotel rooms starting at $130 per night, budgeting for a low-cost trip to Seattle can be a huge challenge. As a graduate student, I and my friends have discovered some fun, free ways to get the full Seattle experience, so today’s blog post is all about sharing some Free & Low-Budget Adventures Seattle has to offer. 1. Seattle Aquarium Hiram M. Chittenden Ship Locks Just called the “Ballard Locks” by locals, this free spot is a fun way to spend a morning, and tends to be an engaging spot for everyone (between the attached botanical gardens, the mechanical functioning of…

  • Visiting Seattle - Hidden Gems

    Visiting Freeway Park – Downtown Seattle’s Manmade Canyon on a Freeway Lid

      The first time I drove down the freeway that cuts through downtown Seattle, my attention was drawn upward. I’d seen freeway lids plenty of times, but Seattle’s downtown freeway lid hinted at something unique and spectacular: towering evergreens extended high over the lid and wandering vines dangled far over the edges. This, I would later come to learn, was my first look at Freeway Park. Freeway Park is a unique park in downtown Seattle Washington. Created by Lawrence Halprin’s office under the supervision of Angela Danadjieva, it opened to the public on July 4, 1976. This expanse of concrete, water, and grass was designed to defuse the sound from the freeway…

  • Tips for Visiting Pike Place Market at Christmas

    Christmas at Pike Place Market – A Bucket List

    Christmastime is my favorite season at Pike Place Market. The crow thins out and the market is transformed into a pacific-northwest winter wonderland. Because of Seattle’s temperate climate, December temperatures hover in the 40’s to 50’s.. With cozy winter clothes and warm bakeries to slip inside to warm up, Pike is the perfect climate for a coffee-saturated, delightfully gloomy Seattle December day exploring Christmastime at Pike Place Market. Summer is definitively the peak for Seattle tourism, with weekday calm returning to the market sometime in late September, welcoming me back after my summertime hiatus avoiding the crowds of peak tourist season. I’ve been taking friends with me to the market lately…

  • 15 Things to do at Pike Place Market in Seattle Washington - A local guide's don't miss list.

    15 Things to Do at Pike Place Market – Plus Recommended Packing List

      I recently read a heavily-shared list of “must do” things to do in Pike Place market that left me, a Pike Place neighborhood local, thinking that anyone working their way down that list would miss some of the best parts of Pike Place! So I decided to make my own list of must-do Pike Place Market activities. (P.S. If you are visiting in November-December, check out my Christmas at Pike Place Bucket List, and if you’re visiting on a rainy day- I’ve got you there too! There are so many special things to enjoy in Seattle on a rainy day) I lived a block from Pike Place Market from…