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How to start and keep a travel journal
Digital nomading is a type of remote work that allows for international adventure while working full time
Packing light with minimalist packing list keeps travel flexible
A collection of resources on using airbnb as a guest and a host
Digital nomad visual packing list


Let me show you how striking out on a new adventure- whether it’s around the world alone or a local day trip with friends- can change your world one view at a time.

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Plus size traveler at scenic overlook

The Confidence to Go

Whether it’s a local Seattle day-trip or an adventure to the other side of the globe as a solo traveler, can help give you the confidence to head out and the knowledge to thrive. Learn more about:

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There’s no single bag that’s the right bag for everyone, but here are my tips to finding and buying the perfect suitcase for you. The first step to traveling well…