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Editorial Policy

At, we adhere to a set of editorial policies to ensure ethical standards in our content. The following guidelines were last updated on March 5, 2023:

Accuracy: While we strive for accuracy, mistakes can happen. If you believe there is an error in one of our articles, please let us know using the contact form or emailing

Reviews: Our reviews of products, services, and companies are unbiased and fair. We do not accept any form of compensation in exchange for a positive review.

Affiliate links: We will always disclose when we include affiliate links to a product or company. Tis disclosure will always be located in an article before the affiliate link.

Private investments: If a WanderBig stakeholder has equity in a private business mentioned in our editorial content, we will disclose this information.

Editorial Values: We believe in the importance of equity, accessibility, and inclusion, as well as sustainable travel and the empowerment of marginalized voices. WanderBig strives to reflect these values in our content and business practices. We are committed to promoting diversity and representation, as well as working to ensure that our articles are accessible to many audiences. We actively seek out and welcome diverse perspectives, and we are constantly working to improve our practices to serve all of our readers better.