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    South America

    Visiting Cuevas de Anzota in Arica Chile – English Language Tourism Information

      There (and Back!) + How I Got Stranded at A National Park in Chile In all my adventures, Cuevas de Anzota is the only place I have managed to get myself really, truly, stranded. After walking about a mile and a half back down the road from Cuevas de Anzota and getting no cell phone service, I had to make the decision between walking on towards the city (About 10 km away) or turn back and asking the staff at the gatehouse for assistance. On the assumption that they would have a working telephone and that I would not be the first tourist to over-trust my cell phone, I…

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    5 Tips They Won’t Tell you for Visiting San Pedro De Atacama

    1. Tours booked on-location are less expensive than tours booked on travel sites Unlike visiting a large city (which are generally walkable) when you visit the Atacama Desert you WILL need to choose between booking a rental jeep or taking small group tours. Although it can be tempting to book everything ahead- tours in San Pedro de Atacama (and most popular tourist spots in the world) are usually discounted when booked on location.   In really popular locations with a lot of obviously scammy tours (like San Pedro de Atacama) start by checking online for the best-reviewed tour companies and then stop by their office on day 1 of your…

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    Navigating the Ferry to Chiloe Island in Chile

      One of the many highlights of my six weeks in Patagonia in 2019 was when I headed up to the northernmost portion of the Patagonia region- a section of Chile that most tourists skip. This region is known for volcanoes and dramatic waterfalls, but just off the mainland lies the island of Chiloe (pronounced “chill-‘oh-eh”). In my first ever solo international driving experience, I rented a car in Puerto Mont and drove it aboard the Chiloe Island Ferry so I could explore the island of Chiloe a little more freely. Group tours from Puerto Mont leave for Chiloe daily, but I knew that a group tour to this locale…