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Free Printable Aeropress Instructions – PDF Download

An Aeropress is a low-cost tool to make coffee and espresso drinks, but using it for the first time is far from intuitive! When I’m in need of caffeine, reading tiny instructions or looking up a complex how-to video online is the last thing I want to do.

That’s why I (in a post-coffee state!) doodled these quick visual instructions for using an Aeropress. Specifically designed for guest suites, Airbnb’s, and vacation rentals, these Printable PDF Aeropress Instructions are stylish enough to display, while the clear and functional visuals make the Aeropress instructions easy to understand even for non-native English speakers.

My Printable PDF Aeropress instructions are free for a limited time!

An example of the coffee making instructions on a tablet and on the printed page.

In this article, I share my doodled illustrated instructions for making coffee using an Aeropress. This PDF art can be downloaded and used in your Airbnb, vacation rental, or guest suite to help guests and visitors understand how to make a great cup of coffee first thing in the morning using an Aeropress.

Using an Aeropress requires a few more steps than making a traditional cup of coffee, but the quality of coffee produced by this device is in many ways superior to other types of coffee, in fact, there are cafés in Seattle with espresso machines worth thousands of dollars, that still offer a hand-brewed cup of Aeropress coffee! It’s that good when executed well. The shot of espresso produced by an Aeropress can be used to make Americanos or lattes.

Download this Free Printable PDF: Illustrated Aeropress Instructions

An example of these aeropress coffee making instructions on printed page.

Illustrated Steps to Make Coffee Using an Areopress

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To start, you’ll need an Aeropress. If you don’t already have the device on hand, Amazon typically delivers this version via same or next-day delivery.

The first step in making a shot of espresso using an Aeropress is to be sure that all of the parts needed are clean and ready to use. Without a filter, cap, plunger, or coffee grounds, it’s impossible to make a shot of espresso or cup of coffee using an Aeropress.

Once the following items are procured you can begin brewing a shot of espresso using an Aeropress.

The items needed to make coffee using an aeropress.

To begin, place a filter into the mesh cup that caps the Aeropress. This filter paper works a bit like a drip coffee filter, holding the grounds of coffee in place while the pressure builds behind the filter – forcing through only the flavored liquid, not grounds.

Place paper filter into cup words with a picture of a paper filter being placed into.

With the filter in the cap, place the cap onto the body of the Aeropress and twist. The cap will twist into place, locking the cap onto the body of the Aeropress and ensuring that the device stays together even when pressure is applied to the plunger.

The following section may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

The twisting onto an coffee press with the caption twist.

Now, with the filter and cap in place, add coffee grounds to the barrel of the Aeropress.

Scooping coffee into aeropress.

Shake slightly to level and then place the Aeropress on top of a sturdy mug. Be sure that the rim of the Aeropress is steady on the rim of the cup and switch to a different mug if it isn’t.

Shaking the aeropress to level the coffee.

Heat water. If you have a thermometer or a kettle with digital temperature control (get my favorite here on Amazon, they’re a delight of modern convenience), heat water to 175° F. If you don’t have a thermometer, you can either A. remove the kettle from heat just before it boils (For reference, at sea level, water boils at 212 ° F), or B. Heat the water to boiling, then remove from heat and let the water cool for 1 minute.

Heating warm water to make coffee in an aeropress.

Place the Aeropress on top of a sturdy mug. With water and Aeropress ready, pour the water into the barrel of the Aeropress, allowing the water to mix with the coffee.

Be sure that your mug is sturdy enough for you to press down firmly on the Aeropress during the espresso shot-making process – very delicate mugs or teacups may not stand up to this sometimes strong pressure.

Add water to the aeropress.

Use the included stirrer to be sure that the water has mixed with the coffee grounds so the brewing process can begin. If you’ve lost the Aeropress stirrer you can stir with a spoon, but you’ll need to avoid tearing the fine paper filter lining the bottom of the chamber.

Stir for 10 seconds with the provided aeropress stirrer.

Next, place the plunger into the barrel of the Aeropress and slowly push the plunger down, forcing the air and water trapped in the barrel to filter through the grounds and filter paper into the mug waiting below.

Press down the plunger of the aeropress.

After all of the air and water is pressed out of the barrel of the Aeropress, what you’ll find in your mug is an espresso shot that you can use for an Americano or other espresso drinks. If you’re seeking a simple cup of American-style brewed coffee, just add hot water to this concentrated brew.

Add water or steamed milk to taste with a picture of a kettle and cup.

To clean and reset the Aeropress, you’ll first need to allow the coffee grounds to cool to a safe temperature to touch, then remove the cap, place the filter and the now-compressed brick of coffee grounds into the compost or garbage, and rinse the Aeropress. Dry completely and then store the Aeropress with the plunger pressed completely through the barrel. (Storage in this position ensures that the seal doesn’t wear out prematurely.)

Discard grounds after using an aeropress.

These doodles were created by hand and inspired by my own use of the Aeropress device. I don’t claim any ownership of the Aeropress trademark or related brands, but these illustrations are copyrighted by For permission to republish, check out Wanderbig’s repost policy. If you’d like a copy of these printable instructions for using an Aeropress, get a free copy today in exchange for joining my mailing list (don’t worry, I hate spam as much as you do and rarely email visitors- only when release new content I’m particularly excited to share!)

Aeropresses in Airbnb’s

If you’re an Airbnb host, An Aeropress can be an easy and convenient way to provide high-quality coffee to your guests. While coffeemakers are just another appliance taking up space on the countertop that requires cleaning, the Aeropress is a tidier way to provide a coffee-making tool to your guests. As a bonus, an Aeropress makes much better coffee than a standard drip coffee maker which will create great impressions and build those coveted 5-star Airbnb Reviews.

Although this method for making coffee in an Airbnb has a little bit of a learning curve – as evidenced by these illustrated instructions – the coffee made through an Aeropress could rival that made by an espresso maker. By providing an Aeropress and instructions in your Airbnb you can add to your Airbnb all the benefits of an espresso maker without the expense of adding another appliance. For long term Airbnb renters and guests considering a monthly stay in an Airbnb, a few minutes of learning to use this coffee-making device is time well spent to have quality coffee throughout the whole trip.

Hint: great coffee- and sometimes snacks- is one of my best Airbnb Host Hints

Illustrated Instructions for Non-English Speakers

It can be particularly difficult to communicate with Airbnb guests that are not English speakers. In these cases, it may be difficult to explain how to use appliances in your rental.

These illustrated Aeropress instructions are an easy workaround – the easy-to-understand illustration of each step of making a cup of coffee with an Aeropress is shown with a simple illustration. These drawings are easy to follow along, even for people who cannot read the written instructions on the PDF.

Aeropresses for making coffee in your car

The Aeropress espresso maker means that you can make espresso-based drinks anywhere that you have hot water. As I discussed in my article on road trip food, a simple AC adapter water heater is an easy way to heat and boil water during a road trip.

To make your own high-quality espresso drink during a road trip, all you need is clean drinking water (like you can find at most rest stops or that you may wish to carry in a jug from home), a water heater that plugs into your car’s AC adapter or USB plug, ground coffee, and an Aeropress.

Packing an Aeropress for International Travel

Although handheld espresso makers like the Nanopress are becoming increasingly popular for digital nomads, an Aeropress is a classic option for international travelers who want to ensure that they’ll have an excellent cup of coffee no matter where they travel, whether it’s Airbnb kitchens, a hut on a floating island, or even grabbing a snack in the middle of a road trip.

While decent coffee is available in many places around the world, not every nation has the same high value on quality espresso as we do in much of the Western world. (For example, I really wish I had taken an Aeropress with me when I visited Chile, where instant coffee is the standard and actual brewed coffee or espresso is difficult to find- so much so that it made my list of things I wish I’d packed for South America)

Why I Made Illustrated Aeropress Instructions

When I briefly converted my Seattle apartment to an Airbnb (while I was solo traveling in Florence, Italy and later Lokrum Island and Cavtat, Croatia), I knew that I needed to provide my guests with a coffee-making method for early morning coffee needs. Since I didn’t want to buy a coffee maker that I wouldn’t use after I returned home, I left my Aeropress for my guests. This too, however, presented a unique challenge, since, unlike a drip coffee maker, using an Aeropress is not second nature to most of us Americans. So I set out to create a user-friendly sheet of instructions that anyone could use to learn to make coffee or espresso drinks using an Aeropress.