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Buzzfeed-Style Travel Quizzes for Fun & Trip Planning

Everyone loves a good quiz, especially when it can help us make difficult decisions when it comes to travel. These fun travel quizzes are designed to be both playful and functional – a combination of thoughtful questions, useful information, and also a little bit of silliness.

Since online quizzes indoctrinated most of us into taking quizzes to find out what kind of garlic bread we are or where we should go on vacation based on how we like our pizza topping, most of us are used to taking online quizzes that may or may not be scientifically accurate. The quizzes on WanderBig are based a bit more on hard data, but still a matter of uncertainty.

While taking these quizzes can give you a better sense of how to better meet the travel need that the quizz is seeking to address, it’s also not a prescription for how or where you should travel. Quizzes like these, about travel styles and travel destinations, are intended to be a fun way to learn more about ourselves and our travel style. Learning about these aspects of travel can be helpful, especially when we’re able to develop this awareness and learn this information before we are in the middle of the trip that could be disrupted by poor planning that resulted from ignorance.

Who are these travel quizzes for?

The quizzes on WanderBig are for just about every user who agrees to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (refer to this document for the authoritative privacy policy, but generally speaking no personal data from out travel quizzes are stored or used except your IP address, which is stored temporarily in order to help us keep the site secure and track abuse of the quizzes). These quizzes can be helpful for travelers of all ages, including teens who want to solo travel, adults traveling as a couple, families planning the length of the trip or how much luggage to pack, and others.

How can I use these quizzes?

Each quiz is embedded within an article containing related information. To take a quiz, you’ll need to open the relevant post linked here, scroll to the quiz or click the “jump to quiz” button in the first section of the article, and click to start the quiz. The quiz begins tallying your score as soon as you began answering questions about your travel, and when you click complete the quiz will calculate your score in the background and show your results on the same page that you took the quiz on.

Why travel quizzes?

Not everyone has the same travel style, and even though this is easy to acknowledge it’s not always easy to know what our travel style is until we have some travel experience under our belt. The problem? The learning curve can be a difficult one – like missing a train or flight due to having a piece of luggage we never should’ve brought our trip or under planning how many days to spend in a destination because we didn’t understand how long all of the things that we wanted to see what actually take.

Because of this, research can help us plan better trips – but research cannot always help us apply what we learn to ourselves and our own travel needs. That’s why travel quizzes can be helpful. Travel quizzes use algorithms in the background to ask us questions that may or may not seem relevant to our travel style and, tabulate our answers and calculate them in such a way that the results tell us something we might not have known about our travel style and what we need from travel to thrive.

WanderBig’s travel quizzes are can be a way to make sure that you’re using your travel research time wisely and are able to apply the research about your method of travel to your destination in a way that helps you make decisions that are right for you.