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    How to Build a Portable Office for Travel & Digital Nomad Remote Work

    Many new digital nomads set off on long term working travel with a carefully curated packing list and a thoughtfully selected bag, but not much thought on how to set up a productive workspace on the road. I wrote this article after my third long term digital nomad trip to share thoughts on my own portable office essentials and some questions to help you think through how to set up a portable travel office specific to your work. With care and thought, you can create a portable office setup that is ultra-light, compact, and easy to pack- ensuring you have everything you need and aren’t stuck traveling with things you…

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    Solo Traveler’s Guide to Sleeping Anywhere (Even in a Hostel Dorm)

    Getting a good night’s sleep while traveling is challenging for most sleepers, but if you have a bit of insomnia back home, sleeping while traveling can be even more difficult. While laying awake in your own comfy bed back home is unpleasant, laying in a hostel dorm staring at the bunk above you and listening to people snore for hours on end can feel like torture. As a quasi-professional traveler, diagnosed insomniac, and sleep hygiene educator, I’ve spent both many sleepless nights in faraway countries and done extensive research on sleep, falling asleep, and sleep quality. Here are my tips for sleeping well while traveling- no matter your age or…

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    5 Legit Ways to make an Income while Traveling the World

      If you plan to try and travel long-term, you’ll need a source of income. While some folks are lucky enough to travel on someone else’s money or on paid stipends as journalists or social media partners, most of us have to pay our own way – whether that’s on credit, savings, or- as this blog post explores- with work opportunities open to travelers. If you don’t have a source of income, eventually even the thriftiest of travelers run out of money during international travel. For many travelers, this is the point at which it’s time to go home, but in this article, I want to talk about a few…