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How to Plan a Vacation for a Group of Friends (& Get Everyone to Show Up!)

Are you looking to plan a group vacation but not sure how to get everyone on board? Maybe you’ve been putting it off because you’re dreading the coordination required. Or, perhaps you’ve tried before, and it was a total disaster.

In this post, you’ll learn some of my best tips and tricks for planning a group vacation for a group of friends that everyone will love. Plus- because we all know getting everyone on board is the hardest part of friend group travel- I’ll share a few ways you can make sure everyone in your group will show up to enjoy the vacation with friends.

Tips for Planning a Friend Group Trip

Choose a destination that has something for everyone

  When choosing a destination for your group vacation, it’s important to pick somewhere that has something for everyone. That way, no one feels left out or like they’re not getting what they want from the trip.

 For example, if you’re traveling with a group of friends, you might want to choose a destination with a mix of activities and relaxation. That way, everyone can find something to do that they enjoy.

 If you’re traveling with family, you might want to consider a place with kid-friendly activities and things for adults to do. The whole family can enjoy the vacation without anyone getting bored.

Make sure everyone is on the same page about the budget

  Before you start planning anything, have conversations that make sure everyone is on the same page about the budget. Otherwise, you could spend too much or not enough money on the trip- excluding some or leaving the friend group with a lack-luster trip with a nightmare Airbnb story.

 Start by having a group discussion about what everyone is comfortable spending. Then, each person can decide whether they want to contribute more or less to the budget – and everyone is on the same page.

It may be best to follow up on these conversations 1 on 1. Some people in your friend group might not be comfortable admitting money is tight or that they don’t have enough to join the group on vacation.

 Be sure be clear about when you’ll need to start paying for flights and hotel rooms. If someone in your group needs time to save up for their portion of the trip, make sure that you know about it well before you need to make any bookings. That will help save you both some stress.

Focus on convenience over cost when booking travel arrangements

 When you’re putting together your travel plans, it’s important not to focus too much on cost at first. Instead, look for convenient flights and hotels for everyone in your group.

The same goes for hotels. If you’re traveling with young children or elderly relatives, it might be worth it to pay a bit more for a hotel that’s closer to your activities. No one will have to walk too far or take public transportation with all of their luggage.

With group travel, there’s enough stress getting everyone together- make it easy and see your bookings work out better.

A group of friends explore a south east asian historical site.

Make a list of activities that everyone can enjoy

Once you’ve chosen your destination, it’s time to start planning some activities! Again, it’s essential to focus on things that everyone in your group will enjoy.

If you’re traveling with adults, look for relaxing activities that still offer a bit of excitement. For example, you might consider going on a wine tour or taking a cooking class. If you’re traveling with other families with kids, look for activities that are both fun and educational. That way, they can learn something new while still having a great time.

Plan some meals together but still allow for some alone time

One of the best parts of vacation is trying out new restaurants and foods. But, when you’re traveling with a friend group, it can be tough to agree on where to eat.

A great compromise is to plan some meals together but still allow for some alone time. For example, you might want to make reservations for a group dinner one night and then let everyone explore on their own for lunch the next day. This is especially good for friend groups that include couples. With lunches together and dinners alone, this type of friend group travel can balance the group’s needs with couples’ desires for privacy and romance on vacation.

Another option is to find a place with a buffet or build-your-own meal options. That way, everyone can find something they like, and no one has to miss out on their favorite dish.

Don’t forget about transportation.

When planning a group vacation, it’s essential not to forget about transportation. After all, you’ll need to get around whether you’re going from the airport to your hotel or from neighborhood to neighborhood.

If you’re traveling with kids, look for accessible transportation options for them to use. For example, renting a car with a GPS might be a better idea than using public transportation or taxis. They won’t have to worry about losing the group or getting confused by directions.

And don’t forget about luggage. If you are taking public transportation, check their restrictions before heading out on your trip. No one will have to pay an extra fee because they brought too much stuff or can’t fit it all in the plane’s overhead compartment.

Don’t make your enjoyment dependant on the group

Finally, even with all of the planning involved in a group vacation, it’s essential to enjoy yourself! Try not to worry too much about making everything perfect or staying on schedule.

 Instead, focus on each moment and make sure you’re having fun. That way, everyone else will be able to relax and have a great time. And you’ll get back home with lots of unforgettable memories that you can share for years to come!


  Strength in numbers

 When you’re on vacation with a group, you always have someone to rely on. Whether you need help carrying your luggage or directions to the nearest restaurant, there’s always someone to help. And if you get lost, there’s always someone there to help you find your way back.

Shared costs

 Vacations can be expensive, but when you’re in a group, you can split the cost of things like hotels, transportation, and activities. That way, everyone saves money, and no one has to worry about going over budget.

group fun

 When you’re in a group, there’s always someone around to have fun with. Whether you’re exploring a new city or just relaxing on the beach, you’ll always have someone to enjoy the experience with.

New opportunities

 If you’re traveling with a group, it’s the perfect opportunity to try new things. Whether it’s trying fresh food or going on an adventure, you’ll be able to step out of your comfort zone and explore something new together.

Group bonding and memories

 One of the best parts about taking a group vacation is coming home with unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. From shared stories to inside jokes, you’ll create bonds with the people in your group that will last long after the trip is over.

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Final thoughts on planning a vacation for a friend group

Planning a group vacation can be tricky, but it’s doable. Just focus on things that everyone in your group will enjoy, and don’t forget about transportation. And most importantly, try not to stress too much and have fun.