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    Choosing the Right Travel Daypack: My Favorite Bag + the $2 Security Device I Take on Every Trip

    Despite a few¬† international travel trips in the past, my summer 2017 trip to Italy, Croatia, and Bosnia was my first solo International trip. For me, travelling internationally is always high stress, and traveling alone definitely added a layer of anxiety to my travel at first. Being extra vigilant about my security felt important, so I put my creative-on-overdrive brain to work and I came up with a few novel ways to keep my belongings in my daypack (including my passport and wallet) safe from pickpockets, theft, or accidental musplacement. These tips my help other solo travelers plan ahead for ways to keep their passport, ID, cash, wallet, phone, and…

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    How to make travel magnets

      I am no globetrotter, but I’ve had the opportunity to travel abroad a few times. Each trip I come home with a suitcase full of random keepsakes that I just cant bring myself to throw out, but also don’t want to store and buy into that new American tradition of accumulating to the point of needing to rent a storage unit. Instead of storing all these keepsakes, I pick a few of my favorites that are sturdy (like transportation cards), and hot glue magnets to the back. Less sturdy items, like theater tickets, may need laminated first- though fair warning that many tickets are printed on thermal paper that…