• how to make a travel journal filled with art
    Travel Art Journal

    The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Travel Journal – Bullet Style, Art Journal, or Long Format Writing

    A travel journal can be a profound way to record your travels. In a time when destinations, souvenirs, and even iconic photo-ops barely vary from traveler to traveler, any journal you create with your thoughts, writing, art, and scribbles create a one-of-a-kind travel record that is 100% unique and 100% you. In this article, we’ll talk about getting started making your first visual travel journal or travel art journal. Including supplies you’ll need, types of travel art journals, how to decide which type is right for you, set up, post-trip storage, and a FAQ. It’s a long article, so feel free to use the table of contents below to jump…

  • Bullet Journal Travel Layout
    Travel Art Journal

    Bullet Style Travel Journal – Free Printable Layout

    Travel journalling is HARD. Every time I try to keep a regular journal on the road I give up- it’s way too much effort. Bullet Journalling, though, has been a perfect companion to travel. Most of us take lots of photos when we travel, but I created this layout to record the experiences and memories that photos can’t quite capture: bringing experiences of all five senses into a layout that can be quickly jotted down over breakfast or a coffee break. Scroll to the bottom of this page for instructions to download a printable template.   Why Bullet Journalling over Long Format? You probably know the drill: You pack a …

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    Travel Art Journal

    Make a Time-Saving Bullet Journal Template Stencil

      One of the best parts about bullets journaling is that your bullet journal can take whatever shape you need it to. As you become comfortable your bullet journal, you’ll probably find that your journal begins to look nothing like the complex and artistic spreads posted on social media (in fact, minimalist bullet journaling is an entire genre of bullet journaling that bucks this trend). Whether you use a traditional format for bullet journaling or a minimalist format, you’ll probably find yourself re-creating the same basic layouts over and over – in fact, I think this is a key to success in a bullet journal: finding layouts that work for…

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    Travel Art Journal

    Travel Journal Examples: A Walk Through my Travel Art Journal: Sketchnotes, Travel, and Doodling in Italy 2017

    When I took the plunge to downsize a few years ago, I promised myself that I would see more of the world. Initially I was turned off to the idea of solo travel,  so I put my travel plans to the side. That was two years ago. In the time since, I’ve grown in my ability to navigate unfamiliar spaces and, through following a few solo travel blogs, warmed to the idea of solo travel and visited over a dozen countries on solo adventures.   In April of 2017, I began planning my first solo journey- 25 days that summer in Italy, Croatia, and Bosnia. At some point, as I…

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    Travel Art Journal

    My Travel Art Journal Kit – What I Carry as a Traveling Artist

      In July 2017 I set off on a 25-day solo trip journeying from iconic spots in Italy, across the Adriatic and down the Croatian coastline and venturing into the mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina. My itinerary and a recent back injury demanded I pack light, but my excitement about travel journaling meant packing a healthy traveling artist kit. This packing list is part 2 of my Ultimate Guide to Travel Journalling, which covers how to start, layout, enjoy, and preserve your finished travel journal. Below is my list of “Must Have” art supplies for travel journaling- Together, they form an artist’s kit that’s perfect for travel:  it’s compact, lightweight,…

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    Travel Art Journal

    Budget Travel Journal Supply Kit – Affordable Supplies for Journaling During Travel

    Art supply stores in far away countries always feel a bit otherworldly. Although some brands are recognizable, browsing the aisles of “exotic” art supplies and unique-to-me new product types can keep me busy for hours. In fact, some of my favorite souvenirs have come not from souvenir shops or even the open markets I love, but from art supply stores. Easy to find in literally every single city, it’s fun to have a location memory attached to art supplies that you can use on the road to work on your travel journal and continue to use – with a fun memory of the trip – long after you get back home.…