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    My Packing List for One Bag | Female | Plus Size | Solo Travel

    Below you’ll find my master packing list for my travels as a solo female digital nomad traveling with just a carry-on suitcase and a small daypack. Although I tailor this list for each and every trip, it’s the default I’ve fallen back on as I’ve traveled for the past 3 years.     Basic Supplies FOR packing: Plus Size clothing: Outerwear: UnderWear: Clothing: Plus Size Travel Clothes Recommendations: Safety/Security Items Essential Comfort / Self Care Items Tech Essentials Personal care Etc & Miscellaneous.[/su_list]     Antibiotic ointment. you will if you’re traveling for any length of time significant length of time, you will get cuts scrapes and splinters. It’s always…

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    Choosing the Right Travel Daypack: My Favorite Bag + the $2 Security Device I Take on Every Trip

    Despite a few  international travel trips in the past, my summer 2017 trip to Italy, Croatia, and Bosnia was my first solo International trip. For me, travelling internationally is always high stress, and traveling alone definitely added a layer of anxiety to my travel at first. Being extra vigilant about my security felt important, so I put my creative-on-overdrive brain to work and I came up with a few novel ways to keep my belongings in my daypack (including my passport and wallet) safe from pickpockets, theft, or accidental musplacement. These tips my help other solo travelers plan ahead for ways to keep their passport, ID, cash, wallet, phone, and…

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    5 Legit Ways to make an Income while Traveling the World

      If you plan to try and travel long-term, you’ll need a source of income. While some folks are lucky enough to travel on someone else’s money or on paid stipends as journalists or social media partners, most of us have to pay our own way – whether that’s on credit, savings, or- as this blog post explores- with work opportunities open to travelers. If you don’t have a source of income, eventually even the thriftiest of travelers run out of money during international travel. For many travelers, this is the point at which it’s time to go home, but in this article, I want to talk about a few…

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    International Thrifting – How to buy memorable souvenirs around the world

        One of my very favorite ways to remember my travels is through the artful objects collected on my various trips. Learning to see objects as art has made souvenir shopping so much more interesting and now, one of my favorite elements of travel! When I was a bit younger I assumed the best souvenir was something that served as clear evidence of having visited a place. Usually, I’d purchase something emblazoned with the name of that place to proclaim to the world my adventure. Stalls in tourist markets around the world indicate I was not alone in this assumption– most are filled with cheap objects emblazoned with the…

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    Easy Recipes to Make in an Airbnb Kitchen (International or USA)

    Perhaps one of the hardest parts of long-term travel is the care and feeding of my own body. What’s familiar and second-nature back home, takes energy- and often creativity- when traveling. When I settle into a work-friendly AirBnB for a few days to catch up on business (Usually about 5 to 7 days) I find that I’m not very productive if I’m only eating junk food, take out, or processed food. I’m more productive and find myself recharged for more travel adventures when I do a grocery run and then cook simple, homestyle recipes. Although learning how to shop in a grocery store in another country can be an adventure…

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    Essential Packing List for Traveling Eastern Europe by Train

      Traveling by train is one of the best ways to see Romania, although actually a less-popular mode of travel for locals. The Romanian rail system has a reputation for being unreliable and very slow. This reputation has led most Romanian citizens to abandon train travel entirely, resulting in low operating budgets and even rarer upgrades. Despite all of this, my experience navigating Romania by train was mostly positive. By taking the rail system, and even learning how to take advantage of its eccentricities, I saw more of the Romanian countryside and created many of the memories that will define that trip in my mind. Why you should give the…

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    Essential Luxury Items You need for One Bag Travel

      In any discussion among backpackers, ultralight travelers, and “one baggers,” the question inevitably gets asked “what’s your luxury item?” – As travelers, we seem to relish hearing stories of what other travelers can and can’t give up in our own quest to develop that Holy Grail of a perfect packing list. Every time this topic comes up, I sort of found myself confused. Any number of items in my ultralight packing list are essential – and yet, I carry a number of items that other travelers might consider luxury items that I call absolute essentials – either because they save money, save time, or just make life easier, often…

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    Visiting Cuevas de Anzota in Arica Chile – English Language Tourism Information

      There (and Back!) + How I Got Stranded at A National Park in Chile In all my adventures, Cuevas de Anzota is the only place I have managed to get myself really, truly, stranded. After walking about a mile and a half back down the road from Cuevas de Anzota and getting no cell phone service, I had to make the decision between walking on towards the city (About 10 km away) or turn back and asking the staff at the gatehouse for assistance. On the assumption that they would have a working telephone and that I would not be the first tourist to over-trust my cell phone, I…

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    How to Manage Loneliness & Maintain Relationships During Solo Travel

    Traveling solo can be an incredibly enriching experience. Over the years, I’ve spent about a year total traveling abroad alone. Although being an introvert helps, I always miss my friends and family back home. As a solo traveler and someone with experience working in the mental health field, here are my tips for caring for yourself and your relationships while satisfying the itch to see the world as a solo traveler.     1. Say Goodbye well It will be tempting to ghost. You may want to avoid the difficult parts of saying goodbye. Don’t. Plan a goodbye party and take time to make it meaningful: instead of a night…

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    Best Flea Markets and Antique Shops for Tourists around the World

    I believe one of the very best ways to become acquainted with the culture and take home something of artistic – but affordable – value is by visiting local markets and shopping with the individual vendors that come together to create the magic of an open air market. There’s something almost magical about how vendors arriving one by one in the predawn hours can transform what was a normal street one day into a bustling market by the next morning. After growing up going to the Kansas City flea market, and four years of living above the Pike Place market in Seattle Washington, I decided to center art fairs, flea markets, and culturally significant shopping…