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How To Keep A Fitness Routine While Traveling

When we’re traveling, we tend to be too busy sightseeing and exploring new places to worry much about fitness. And for the most part, that’s okay – taking breaks and not stressing too much about exercise helps keep the brain and body healthy.

Staying fit while you’re on vacation is more important for some people than for others. Many people struggle to maintain a fitness routine at home, so losing the momentum of a daily or weekly routine can be difficult for many travelers. If keeping your fitness routine on the road is important, here are some tips you can use to maintain fitness while traveling.

In this article, I will share with you:

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Working Out While Traveling

If you’re lucky enough to stay at a hotel with a gym, then you’d be able to do some workouts during your free time. But a lot of hotels, especially budget ones, do not have gyms or fitness centers. And it is an added expense to pay to use a nearby gym.

You can do what I do: bodyweight workouts. These workouts are great for when you’re traveling because you don’t need equipment and a lot of space to do the movements. Let me share my routine here.

For legs, do 3 to 5 sets:

  • Squats – 10 reps
  • Alternating lunges – 10 reps, 5 reps per leg
  • Standing side leg raises – 10 reps per leg
  • Mountain climbers – 20 reps

For arms, do 3 to 5 sets:

  • Tricep dips (using the edge of your hotel bed or chair) – 5 reps
  • Bicep extensions – 10 reps
  • Shoulder taps – 10 reps

For core, do 3 to 5 sets:

  • Sit-ups – 20 reps
  • Leg raises – 20 reps
  • Russian twists – 20 reps
  • 1-minute plank

If you want to do more challenging workouts while you’re traveling, bring a resistance band. Resistance bands are light and compact – you can compress them so they fit anywhere in your luggage.

I like using resistance bands because they add a bit of tension to the movements, and I get to burn more calories that way. This is a piece of workout equipment that I always bring because I can fold it into a tiny piece and just squeeze it into my backpack.

Using your own bodyweight for workouts can help strengthen even large muscle groups. 1

4 Tips to Stay Fit While Traveling

Aside from having a fitness routine while traveling, here are other tips that you can follow to stay healthy and fit.

🚶Walk whenever you can.

Walking is a good cardio exercise. On average, you can burn about 80 calories for every mile that you walk, depending on your body weight. So if you walk at least 3 miles in a day, that’s a total of 240 calories burned (calorie counts vary widely according to individual bodies).

Walking is also one of the best and cheapest ways to go around a new town or city – it lets you save some cash during your trip. By walking instead of taking a cab or public transportation, you get to see as many sights as you can.

When I walk around a new city, I always end up discovering quaint little spots that tourists don’t frequently go to. Sometimes, these hidden gems are the highlights of my trip. Walking around helps me see the place from the point of view of a local.

🍲Eat balanced meals.

While it is tempting to try everything in sight because it’s all new to you, you may end up regretting it later on. The key is to eat mindfully while traveling.

It’s okay to indulge. Local food can offer a chance to experience new flavors. However, it’s still a good idea to eat mindfully, pay attention to our hunger and fullness cues, and eat from a wide variety of food groups. You can also make your own meals if the hotel you’re staying in has a kitchen.

🚰Stay hydrated.

Even when we’re not traveling, drinking water is important. It is even more important when we’re on a trip and constantly moving. Traveling is fun but it can be tiring. This is why you should stay hydrated by drinking water throughout the day.

Water can replenish your energy so you don’t feel too tired after hours of walking around and going to different tourist spots. It can help you cool off on a hot summer day and also help prevent you from feeling too hungry. So stay hydrated and always bring a bottle of water with you.

🍷Drink in moderation.

It’s okay to enjoy the night and get your drinks on while traveling. But too much drinking can make you feel bloated. It is also one of the main reasons for holiday weight gain.

If you want to go out and drink, choose your drink wisely. Whenever I feel like drinking while on a trip, I always limit myself to two drinks at most, This helps me stay safe while traveling while honing my health goals. Try drinking with two glasses- one holding alcohol, and the other holding a glass of water.

I hope that the tips above were helpful to keep your health and fitness in mind even when you’re on a trip.

If you have questions about keeping a fitness routine while traveling, feel free to drop a comment below.


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