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Essential Luxury Items for Minimalist Backpacking Travel

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In any discussion among backpackers, ultralight travelers, and “one baggers,” the question inevitably gets asked “what’s your luxury item?” – As travelers, we seem to relish hearing stories of what other travelers can and can’t give up in our own quest to develop that Holy Grail of a perfect packing list.

Every time this topic comes up, I sort of found myself confused. Any number of items in my ultralight packing list are essential – and yet, I carry a number of items that other travelers might consider luxury items that I call absolute essentials – either because they save money, save time, or just make life easier, often by preventing issues before they start.



Soft Sided Organizers & Compression Packing Cubes: 

This set of canvas bags has been a surprising lifesaver on the road. The compact bags keep cords and chargers contained, while the colors (and a very specific color = thing association) keeps me organized at a glance.

Hh travel hacks 7sm




Tiny Plastic Bags

what I jokingly refer to as my “dime bags,” are essential luxuries in my travel gear. These small 3×4″, or 2×3″ zip-top bags  can be purchased at any craft store or online. I carry them because they have a million uses: storing OTC medication, jewelry storage, laundry detergent powder, and any small and easily-lost incidentals (like Band-Aids or safety pins). When moving between countries, these tiny bags are a great way to organize currency.

Hh travel hacks 3


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