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    One Bag Travel

    How to Buy the Perfect “One Bag” Pack or Suitcase for YOU

    One bag travel is all about choosing a bag, packing list, and supplies that make it easy to enjoy travel without the need to spend unnecessary energy or expense lugging around stuff you didn’t really need. One bag travelers have the freedom to explore more freely, to dedicate more energy to travel, and to enjoy having less to keep track of while on the road. Whether you are planning a months-long international trip or just a local weekend getaway, one bag travel is a way to pack for travel that many people find enhances their travel experience. The Best Bag for One Bag Travel Remember to make one bag travel…

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    One Bag Travel

    Essential Luxury Items You need for One Bag Travel

      In any discussion among backpackers, ultralight travelers, and “one baggers,” the question inevitably gets asked “what’s your luxury item?” – As travelers, we seem to relish hearing stories of what other travelers can and can’t give up in our own quest to develop that Holy Grail of a perfect packing list. Every time this topic comes up, I sort of found myself confused. Any number of items in my ultralight packing list are essential – and yet, I carry a number of items that other travelers might consider luxury items that I call absolute essentials – either because they save money, save time, or just make life easier, often…