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    Things to do in Romania: 10 Must-Visit Off the Beaten Path Destinations in Transylvania + What I Spent

    My travel ethic is a bit different than most travelers. While I like visiting famous must-see sites-  My favorite travel memories have been formed by straying just a bit off the well-trodden tourist track, and exploring- often in solitude or near solitude-historic, natural, or cultural sites that many times are more awe-inspiring than popular tourist must-sees. The thing is, what makes a destination place on tourism “must-see” lists, usually is more about good PR, advertising, and accessibility from major airports than it is about the quality of the site. By broadening my itinerary to include quirky, less popular, and obscure sites, I’ve made amazing travel memories visiting, often in total…

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    10 under $5 Travel Gear Essentials for your Budget Packing List

    When you are in planning mode for a big trip, it’s tempting to order lots of new high-tech travel gear, and in fact, good travel gear and a well thought out packing list can make travel go more smoothly so you can have more fun on your trip. But splurging on specialty travel gear before you ever leave home can put a dent in anyone’s travel budget! While travel gear tends to be expensive and sold by brand names that often price their product as much by brand recognition than by the quality of their products, there’s far more competition for well priced, innovative travel gear than you might think. One site you might not…

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    One week as a Digital Nomad in San Pedro de Atacama

      I don’t normally write an entry on Digital Nomading from a particular location unless I’ve spent a significant amount of time in that place, but San Pedro felt like an exception due to its unique features- No, I don’t mean the surreal desert conditions or the local culture, but the hoards of a very particular type of traveler flocking to this recently-popularized area, and the impact that type of tourist has had on the availability of resources and on the cost of living. COST OF LIVING AS A NOMAD IN SAN PEDRO DE ATACAMA Transportation: The cost for taxis within the city (a flat rate of 3,000 CLP in…

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    Digital Nomads

    How to Build a Portable Office for Travel & Digital Nomad Remote Work

    Many new digital nomads set off on long term working travel with a carefully curated packing list and a thoughtfully selected bag, but not much thought on how to set up a productive workspace on the road. I wrote this article after my third long term digital nomad trip to share thoughts on my own portable office essentials and some questions to help you think through how to set up a portable travel office specific to your work. With care and thought, you can create a portable office setup that is ultra-light, compact, and easy to pack- ensuring you have everything you need and aren’t stuck traveling with things you…

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    Solo Travel

    28 Things Female Travelers Wish they had Known Before taking their First Solo Trip + Safety Tips & Free Download

      In a recent weekend discussion on the r/heronebag forum on Reddit, user pieapplekitten prompted a discussion on things we wish we knew before setting off on our first solo trip. The ensuing discussion was fascinating, covering safety, maximizing fun, and the all-important question of exactly how much underwear we should pack. Because most people aren’t on Reddit, I decided to collect some of these things women say they wish they’d known before taking off on their first solo travel trips into this collection of tips, which have been edited, expanded, and developed for clarity, length, and practicality.     Things Solo Female Travelers Say They Wish they had Known:…

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    One Bag Travel

    How to Buy the Perfect “One Bag” Pack or Suitcase for YOU

    One bag travel is all about choosing a bag, packing list, and supplies that make it easy to enjoy travel without the need to spend unnecessary energy or expense lugging around stuff you didn’t really need. One bag travelers have the freedom to explore more freely, to dedicate more energy to travel, and to enjoy having less to keep track of while on the road. Whether you are planning a months-long international trip or just a local weekend getaway, one bag travel is a way to pack for travel that many people find enhances their travel experience. The Best Bag for One Bag Travel Remember to make one bag travel…

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    Illustrated Packing List + 1 Pro Brain Hack for Surviving a 16 Hour Flight

    Long flights can be the most challenging part of international travel. Hours and hours in a tiny airplane seat can be torturous to bodies both big and small. I survive brutally long flights are by packing the 10 supplies listing below, but my ultimate tip for getting through a long intercontinental air flight is kind of hidden this doodle: it’s the doodle itself! Confused? Keep reading! My #1 Hack for Surviving a Long Flight: Many creative people experience a phenomenon called “flow”. Flow is a mildly dissociative state (but don’t worry, it’s totally normal/healthy) that’s induced in our brains when we feel creative, inspired, and productive. When human brains enter…

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    Visiting Plitvice Park + Accessibility Report for Older & Physically Limited Bodies

      Visiting Plitvice National Park in Croatia was one of the highlights of my recent trip to Croatia. I chose a guided tour from Zadar, Croatia as my entry to Plitvice National Park, but there are a number of different ways to access this area. Standard buses – not just tour buses arrive and depart from the national Park means dates every day multiple times. The app of website GetByBus is the best way to find bus schedules and book tickets to destinations along the Dalmation coast.   Want to get a quick sense of what it’s like to walk the pathways and boardwalks of Plitvice in person?Check out my…

  • Visting the PNW hiking trail where gnomes rule the woods
    Seattle,  Travel

    The PNW Hiking Trail where Gnomes Roam – Seattle Day Trips

      If you’re seeking a quirky half-day adventure near Seattle, look no further than the gnome trail in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains about an hour east of downtown Seattle. The gnome trail is a collective art project, collaboratively in a state of constant creation and change thanks to visitors who participate in this hiking trail turned art project.   What is the gnome trail? The gnome trail is an easy hike for most age groups (although not stroller friendly). It has a good amount of incline, just enough for a nice stroll with slight exertion. The trail is well-maintained, with no particular parts difficult to traverse due to…

    Digital Nomads

    Solo Traveler’s Guide to Sleeping Anywhere (Even in a Hostel Dorm)

    Getting a good night’s sleep while traveling is challenging for most sleepers, but if you have a bit of insomnia back home, sleeping while traveling can be even more difficult. While laying awake in your own comfy bed back home is unpleasant, laying in a hostel dorm staring at the bunk above you and listening to people snore for hours on end can feel like torture. As a quasi-professional traveler, diagnosed insomniac, and sleep hygiene educator, I’ve spent both many sleepless nights in faraway countries and done extensive research on sleep, falling asleep, and sleep quality. Here are my tips for sleeping well while traveling- no matter your age or…