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    Things to do in Romania: 10 Must-Visit Off the Beaten Path Destinations in Transylvania + What I Spent

    My travel ethic is a bit different than most travelers. While I like visiting famous must-see sites-  My favorite travel memories have been formed by straying just a bit off the well-trodden tourist track, and exploring- often in solitude or near solitude-historic, natural, or cultural sites that many times are more awe-inspiring than popular tourist must-sees. The thing is, what makes a destination place on tourism “must-see” lists, usually is more about good PR, advertising, and accessibility from major airports than it is about the quality of the site. By broadening my itinerary to include quirky, less popular, and obscure sites, I’ve made amazing travel memories visiting, often in total…

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    10 under $5 Travel Gear Essentials for your Budget Packing List

    When you are in planning mode for a big trip, it’s tempting to order lots of new high-tech travel gear, and in fact, good travel gear and a well thought out packing list can make travel go more smoothly so you can have more fun on your trip. But splurging on specialty travel gear before you ever leave home can put a dent in anyone’s travel budget! While travel gear tends to be expensive and sold by brand names that often price their product as much by brand recognition than by the quality of their products, there’s far more competition for well priced, innovative travel gear than you might think. One site you might not…