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    Digital Nomads

    5 Legit Ways to make an Income while Traveling the World

      If you plan to try and travel long-term, you’ll need a source of income. While some folks are lucky enough to travel on someone else’s money or on paid stipends as journalists or social media partners, most of us have to pay our own way – whether that’s on credit, savings, or- as this blog post explores- with work opportunities open to travelers. If you don’t have a source of income, eventually even the thriftiest of travelers run out of money during international travel. For many travelers, this is the point at which it’s time to go home, but in this article, I want to talk about a few…

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    International Thrifting – How to buy memorable souvenirs around the world

        One of my very favorite ways to remember my travels is through the artful objects collected on my various trips. Learning to see objects as art has made souvenir shopping so much more interesting and now, one of my favorite elements of travel! When I was a bit younger I assumed the best souvenir was something that served as clear evidence of having visited a place. Usually, I’d purchase something emblazoned with the name of that place to proclaim to the world my adventure. Stalls in tourist markets around the world indicate I was not alone in this assumption– most are filled with cheap objects emblazoned with the…