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    Essential Packing List for Traveling Eastern Europe by Train

      Traveling by train is one of the best ways to see Romania, although actually a less-popular mode of travel for locals. The Romanian rail system has a reputation for being unreliable and very slow. This reputation has led most Romanian citizens to abandon train travel entirely, resulting in low operating budgets and even rarer upgrades. Despite all of this, my experience navigating Romania by train was mostly positive. By taking the rail system, and even learning how to take advantage of its eccentricities, I saw more of the Romanian countryside and created many of the memories that will define that trip in my mind. Why you should give the…

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    One Bag Travel

    Essential Luxury Items You need for One Bag Travel

      In any discussion among backpackers, ultralight travelers, and “one baggers,” the question inevitably gets asked “what’s your luxury item?” – As travelers, we seem to relish hearing stories of what other travelers can and can’t give up in our own quest to develop that Holy Grail of a perfect packing list. Every time this topic comes up, I sort of found myself confused. Any number of items in my ultralight packing list are essential – and yet, I carry a number of items that other travelers might consider luxury items that I call absolute essentials – either because they save money, save time, or just make life easier, often…