• romania by steam train

    Trip Report: Romania’s Maramures Forest and Mocanita Steam Train

    If you have the luxury of a slow-paced visit to Romania- the kind of visit where you can wander and take time to unwind enough in one location to allow your senses to take in the experience of an utterly unique place on the globe- the Maramures region of Romania should move to the top of your Romanian travel priorities. The region known as Maramureș (pronunciation examples here) is an area in northern Romania that extends into western Ukraine. It is situated on the northeastern end of the Carpathian mountain range. While most of Romania has leapt into modern life, this region has held many of the traditional ways of…

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    11 of my Best Travel Hacks: Illustrated

    In 2019 I worked online as I wandered through about a dozen countries in South America and Europe. With iPad usually in hand, I found myself moved to doodle when I discovered a particularly good idea to make like a bit easier or better as a full-time traveler. Here are my tips, products, and hacks – all in doodle form- to make your next trip just a bit easier. 1. Pack a Basic Tote Bag A run-of-the-mill muslin shopping tote tops my list of essentials. Why? Well, mostly its versatility. In a pinch, a tote bag can function as a grocery bag, shoe tote, pop-out organizer, or even a pillow.…

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    South America

    5 Tips They Won’t Tell you for Visiting San Pedro De Atacama

    1. Tours booked on-location are less expensive than tours booked on travel sites Unlike visiting a large city (which are generally walkable) when you visit the Atacama Desert you WILL need to choose between booking a rental jeep or taking small group tours. Although it can be tempting to book everything ahead- tours in San Pedro de Atacama (and most popular tourist spots in the world) are usually discounted when booked on location.   In really popular locations with a lot of obviously scammy tours (like San Pedro de Atacama) start by checking online for the best-reviewed tour companies and then stop by their office on day 1 of your…