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    4 Travel Essentials I wish I’d put on my South America Packing List

    I consider myself a near-professional packer. I grew up journeying from market to market with artist parents and learned young how to pack light and live out of a bag. As an adult, I’ve traveled fairly widely, and read the r/one bag Reddit forum regularly. so when I visited South America for three months in 2019, I was caught a little bit off guard by the things that I wish that I had packed but didn’t. If you’re planning a South American trip soon, here are a few items you might not initially think to put on your South America Packing List, but may desperately want or need later. 1.…

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    Seattle in the Rain: How To Enjoy Rainy Days as a Tourist Visiting Seattle

    If you are planning a trip to Seattle, you might find your plans interrupted by unexpected rainfall- but don’t worry, Seattle knows just how to make the most of rainy days and in this post we’ll review some of the best ways to ENJOY what rain brings to the city. It’s important to remember that in Seattle, unless it’s a rare total downpour, we pretty much just continue with life as normal! Rain in Seattle tends to be a gentle rain with small raindrops, making it pretty comfortable to carry on with normal activities with no special equipment other than a good pair of shoes and a light raincoat. The…