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    Navigating the Ferry to Chiloe Island in Chile

      One of the many highlights of my six weeks in Patagonia in 2019 was when I headed up to the northernmost portion of the Patagonia region- a section of Chile that most tourists skip. This region is known for volcanoes and dramatic waterfalls, but just off the mainland lies the island of Chiloe (pronounced “chill-‘oh-eh”). In my first ever solo international driving experience, I rented a car in Puerto Mont and drove it aboard the Chiloe Island Ferry so I could explore the island of Chiloe a little more freely. Group tours from Puerto Mont leave for Chiloe daily, but I knew that a group tour to this locale…

  • A group or solo itinerary for visiting chiloe island- plus lessons I learned the hard way about navigating and staying on Chiloe Island in Northern Patagonia.

    3 Day Itinerary for Solo or Small Group Travel on Chiloe Island in Northern Patagonia

      As I researched for my trip to Chile, I kept finding myself drawn back to the island of Chiloe. Shrouded in both literal fog and the mythology of superstition, this archipelago is home to 16 UNESCO sites: all churches, remarkable for their construction by master shipbuilders using native woods and unique construction. A day trip – which takes a full 10 hour day and visits a handful of major churches- is probably enough for most tourists, but I felt this island beckoning me to explore a little deeper. Keep reading to learn about my solo exploration of Chiloe Island in the northern Patagonian Chilean region of the Las Lagos…

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    Most Instagrammable Spots at Pike Place Market (and How to Find Them!)

    Pike Place is one of the most instagrammable places in the world, and it’s a great place to re-create your version of iconic shots. As a resident of the Pike Place neighborhood for four years, and regular visitor turned tour-guide to Pike Place Market. I learned the in’s and out’s of this historic neighborhood in downtown Seattle and am excited to share the best photo secrets. In this post, I’ll be telling you how to find the best photos spots- including how to re-create the iconic shots you’ve seen before, how to get new angles on classic shots, and how to find some truly unique backdrops within this diverse neighborhood.…

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    What to do if you get Sick while Solo Traveling

    Solo travel can be one of the worst times to get sick. The combination of being alone and away from home can make even a common cold particularly difficult. although you might be inclined to push on through your travels, it’s best to stop and rest for a few days if possible. The following are a few tips I’ve learned on the road for coping with the common cold or stomach upset while traveling alone internationally. 1. Pay attention to early warning signs While it’s true illness sometimes comes on fast, often there’s a day or two of early signs and warning symptoms. Pay attention to those early symptoms and…