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    The 5 Best Study and Work Spots in Seattle, Washington

    Sometimes I need to break up my routine and switch up my study or work spaces. A change of scenery and a little bit of background noise often helps me focus- and getting out of my tiny studio is never a bad idea. In this post I’ll be introducing you to some of my favorite digital-nomading and grad school paper-writing spots in Seattle. Previously, I fiercely guarded the locations of my favorite hangouts, for fear of them becoming too popular. As I compose this post, however, I’m midway through the process of moving out of the heart of Seattle, and as I say goodbye I’m ready to spill all the…

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    What to Pack for a Pacific Northwest Beach Trip

    You’ve probably visited sun-drenched white-sand beaches, but a beach trip in the United State’s Pacific Northwest is an entirely different kind of beach trip! In this post I’ll be reviewing my packing tips for Washington and Oregon beach trips. Whether you are headed to the Olympic Peninsula to enjoying the majesty of the Pacific Northwest seacoast and Olympic National Park or exploring the countless beaches and inlets of the Puget Sound, packing for a Pacific Northwest beach trip requires a unique packing list. Here’s my list of must-haves:   1. A waterproof blanket In the Pacific Northwest it rains. It rains a lot. Even if you luck out and visit during…