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    Fountain of Creation: Free Family Fun at the Space Needle – Kid Friendly Seattle Splash Pad

    While tickets to go up in the recently renovated Space Needle continue to rise, this out-of-the-way art installment remains a cool reprieve with iconic views.  This year a newly updated Space Needle was unveiled to visitors- visitors willing to pay $30 per person for access, at least. If you are planning a visit to Seattle, you may want to consider alternate ways to experience the space needle. One of the best ways to experience the space needle without the expensive tickets is the sprawling 74-acre park at the base of the Space Needle.  This park, build for the 1962 World’s Fair and now home to various art installments and festivals, offers…

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    8 Essentials for your Solo Travel Packing List

    My passion for solo travel started in 2015, when I had the opportunity to take a huge once-in-a-lifetime-trip and I didn’t take it. Fear about traveling alone coupled with timing of other adventures resulted in me passing on the opportunity and thinking back often, wondering what I’d missed. Thankfully, life is cyclic and 2 years, one cross-country move, an a master’s degree later, in 2017 I began traveling solo all around the world. With each trip after that first amazing adventure in Tuscany, I found my bravery increasing in all sorts of adventures: so farther and father I’ve gone, visiting increasingly remote destinations and finding in my solitude so much…

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    Travel Art Journal

    Bullet Style Travel Journal – Free Printable Layout

    Travel journalling is HARD. Every time I try to keep a regular journal on the road I give up- it’s way too much effort. Bullet Journalling, though, has been a perfect companion to travel. Most of us take lots of photos when we travel, but I created this layout to record the experiences and memories that photos can’t quite capture: bringing experiences of all five senses into a layout that can be quickly jotted down over breakfast or a coffee break. Scroll to the bottom of this page for instructions to download a printable template.   Why Bullet Journalling over Long Format? You probably know the drill: You pack a …