Sightseeing Seattle for (Almost) Free – Cheap and Free Seattle

    Seattle is an amazing place to visit, but with basic hotel rooms starting at $130 per night, budgeting for a low-cost trip to Seattle can be a huge challenge. As a graduate student, I and my friends have discovered some fun, free ways to get the full Seattle experience, so today’s blog post is all about sharing some Free & Low-Budget Adventures Seattle has to offer. 1. Seattle Aquarium Hiram M. Chittenden Ship Locks Just called the “Ballard Locks” by locals, this free spot is a fun way to spend a morning, and tends to be an engaging spot for everyone (between the attached botanical gardens, the mechanical functioning of…

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    The Venn Diagram of Vacation Travel

      Researching travel destinations is my preferred method of procrastination when I’m facing a deadline. How do you decide where to travel? For me I consider three categories: is it cheap, is it exotic, is it safe? I realized as I was considering travel destinations for my post-graduation adventure, that these three questions that I use to decide where I will travel make an interesting Venn diagram. Last summer I flew into Italy (not what I consider exotic, or cheap, but home to add cheaper airport and enough art museums to keep my travel-journal-doodling for days) and then set off on the real adventure- a ferry ride across the Adriatic…