3 Days Traveling Solo in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

      I’m not entirely sure how Mostar, Bosnia wound up as a 4 day/3 night stop on my 2017 summer travels, but this little oasis in Bosnia and Herzegovina was a destination of rest and adventure. As a single female solo traveler in my mid 30’s- and an artist- I travel a little differently from the typical 20-something group-traveler. I liked Mostar because it really accommodated my travel style: I place much higher value on comfort, prefer a slower pace that leaves space for art and rest, and I like my adventure not-too-far from the comfort of familiarity.     Mostar was a good fit for my travel goals for…

  • DIY instructions for making a travel size personal waxing kit
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    How to make a DIY Travel Wax Kit for Hair Removal Lip

        Recently while browsing Anthropologie’s (of all places!)  website I came across a product I thought was pretty genius but dramatically overpriced: A small and adorably labeled tin that contained pre-waxed waxing strips that, when warmed slightly, can be used for waxing an upper lip when you are away from home or salon. It’s a whopping $18 for 12 strips from both Anthropologie and Sephora, (BTW you can literally get 40 strips for $14 if you must go prepackaged) But today I’m going to teach you how to make your own travel waxing strips for next to nothing. I calculate the cost for the wax strip kit I traveled…