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    Stuff to Know before you Go: My Expereince with Jadrolinija Ferry Service from Italy to Croatia

    As a ferry-loving transplant to the Pacific Northwest USA planning a trip to both Italy and Croatia,  I was excited to find that ferries are an option for connecting Italy with Eastern Europe. Booking my tickets was easy enough (through Jadrolinija website or directferries.com) but information beyond when to show up was sparse- and English-language information about what to expect and how to best travel this route was nearly non-existent. In the interest of assisting other English language speakers doing Adriatic crossings aboard ferries, here’s a rundown of my experience traveling via Jadrolinija during peak season in July 2017. I first sailed on an overnight voyage from Ancona, Italy to…

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    Solo Travel to Lokrum Island – Money Saving Tips

    Typically, I don’t plan much in the “Itinerary” department when traveling solo, but when I began researching a trip to Croatia, Lokrum Island made my list of things I MUST do. Located literally moments by boat from the ancient Port of Dubrovnik, Lokrum is a nature preserve visited by tourist and locals both. Boats ferry visitors between the island and the port of Dubrovnik every half hour daily. Do note, however, that very affordable private charters run between  Lokrum and other small ports up and down the coast as well, so if you’re a fan of lower hotel rates, as I am, booking lodging outside of Dubrovnik may pay off. …

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    Escape to Lopez Island: the PNW’s Hidden Gem in the San Juan Islands

    Confession: I am currently in the midst of a long term love affair with the Washington State Ferries and this escape to Lopez Island was, partially, just another excuse for riding a new ferry route. Living in downtown Seattle, the ferries are a constant rhythm as they come and go from the downtown ferry dock. Since my very first ferry ride in Seattle, the ferries have represented escape, rest, and retreat from urban life. Ferries are one of my favorite things to do in Seattle. From the crowds and crushed atmosphere of downtown Seattle, hopping an $8 ferry is a guarantee of at least a half-hour to breathe deep in…

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    Travel Art Journal

    My Travel Art Journal Kit

      In July 2017 I set off on a 25-day solo trip journeying from iconic spots in Italy, across the Adriatic and down the Croatian coastline and venturing into the mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina. My itinerary and a recent back injury demanded I pack light, but my excitement about travel journaling meant packing plenty of art supplies. Below is my list of “Must Have” art supplies for travel journaling- Together, they form a kit that’s compact and lightweight- It’s got all the travel journal essentials without the waste of unnecessary or oversized items. This packing list is part 2 of my Ultimate Guide to Travel Journalling, which covers how…

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    Truffle Hunting in Florence: A Solo Traveler Tries an AirBnB Experience.

    (aka: The time I Paid $200 to Pet a Dog in Florence) For many, travel is about seeing the iconic scenes and structures around the world, for others, travel is more about collecting experiences and stories that form sensory memories and opportunities to experience life through the eyes of people very different from me. AirBnB has been a partner in my pursuit of travel that is experience based rather than convenience based, so when they began offering a service where local guides were sourced to create Experience-based activities in popular locals, I was interested. Day tours have been a staple of tourism for as long as recreational travel has been…