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    Traveling Cheap: Pro Tips for Visiting Seattle’s Pike Place Market on a Budget

    I moved to Seattle last year to attend a school that’s located downtown, and on grad-school budgets my friends and I have learned to navigate Pike Place Market to enjoy the best it has to offer without sacrificing the experience or the epic Instagram photos! Here are 12 tips to get the best Pike Place Market experience for free or nearly free. (for a more general article on seeing more Seattle attractions on the cheap, check out my Cheap Seattle post)     Cheap Travel & Parking Tips: Whatever you do, DON’T PARK AT PIKE PLACE. Parking is a nightmare and if you find a spot it can cost up…

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    Ireland Adventure – Itinerary for a 1 Day Tourist Adventure in Killarney, Ireland

    In 2012, Brad and I visited Ireland. After whirlwind big-city tourist adventures in Europe, this time we took a change of pace and adopted an uncharted path for our vacation. I’d become disillusioned with big city travel so for Ireland we spent a few weeks with a rented car exploring the southern and western coasts of Ireland. My favorite place in Ireland was the village of Killarney. Blending many of the attractions of a larger city with a still somewhat village-esque feel, Killarney had much to offer. In this blog post I’m reviewing the day’s notes in my travel journal in order to walk through the itinerary from our best…

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    Rainy Pike Place: Sunflowers & Halibut at the Market Grill

      As the days grow shorter and the skies greyer here in Seattle, it marks the start of school, for me, a second year of graduate school, and the end of tourist season. I’ve learned to appreciate the wet darkness of winter in Seattle. It means days pass a little quieter in the strip of downtown I call home and Pike Place market becomes, again, a place to explore playfully- something that becomes a lot harder when the onslaught of tourists arrives in the fair weather months. When I moved to downtown Seattle in January of 2016, I began a ritual of Thursday exploration in the market. In a school…