• fun things to do in Joplin, MO that you wont find on typical tourism guides

    15 Things to Do in Joplin, MO – One Day Itinerary for a Route 66 Adventure

      Joplin isn’t a popular travel destination, but plenty of people- both travelers and locals- look for fun ways to spend a day in the area. Popular tourist “destinations” in and around Joplin include a museum, Civil War sites in Carthage, or the casinos a few miles across the border in Oklahoma, but these aren’t my style at all! After living in Joplin for 6 years, I located a lot of off-the-beaten-track gems that will make your visit to the Joplin or Carthage area exciting, memorable, and one of a kind! When I had visitors stay with me for a day in my Joplin Airbnb, this was my go-to itinerary…

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    Travel Art Journal

    Budget Travel Journal Supply Kit – Affordable Supplies for Journaling During Travel

    Art supply stores in far away countries always feel a bit otherworldly. Although some brands are recognizable, browsing the aisles of “exotic” art supplies and unique-to-me new product types can keep me busy for hours. In fact, some of my favorite souvenirs have come not from souvenir shops or even the open markets I love, but from art supply stores. Easy to find in literally every single city, it’s fun to have a location memory attached to art supplies that you can use on the road to work on your travel journal and continue to use – with a fun memory of the trip – long after you get back home.…

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    Pike Place Market’s Secret Garden

    99% of Pike Place Market visitors walk right past one of my favorite free things to do at Pike Place Market- it’s the rooftop urban garden, hidden around a few corners, and just a few steps from Pike’s iconic entrance sign. It made the list of my Local’s Guide to Pike Place Market, but directions to find it require a post of their own, if you aren’t familiar with the market. The rooftop garden at the market is a quiet reprieve from the noise and crowd of the market. Even in the peak of tourist season, this relatively unknown spot remains pretty quiet. It’s a great spot to take a…