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12 Habits I Keep Every Morning On Vacation

Although many people abandon their morning routine during vacation, keeping a routine (with modifications for travel!) can help you rest more deeply, enjoy vacation more thoroughly, and return more refreshed. 

In this article, you’ll learn from me- a professional traveler- 12 morning habits that I use to maximize vacation benefits while helping me return to pst-vacation life with high productivity. These tips include:

Woman stretching on a beach during sunrise.

 How I Learned (The Hard way!) to Keep Morning Routines on Vacation 

When I began taking vacations as a young adult, I’d overindulge at night, sleep in in the morning, and waste much of my precious travel time. That all changed when, on a trip with my niece, we set an alarm to wake up before dawn to see a forecasted meteor shower. I realized that I’ve been missing out on a lot of what vacations have to offer during these early hours of the day. 

When I travel on vacation now, I use habits and self-care routines to help me be happier, energized, and able to enjoy more of my vacation. While a total reset can be a helpful style of vacation for some, I find that keeping routines is a way to care for my mind, body, heart, and soul while traveling. 

My vacation routines fall into three categories: things I do to care for my soul, self care routines for my body, and rhythms I use to care for my mind and mental health during my break from work. Keep reading to learn more about how to strategize your routine to maximize vacation benefits in these three areas.  

5 Routines to Keep your Mind Sharp on Vacation

When I’m vacationing by the beach, 

  • I take time to observe my surroundings 🏖️ – Early mornings are the best time to look around and observe the lifestyle of the community. I take some time to sit with a cup of coffee and observe the late-night fishermen haul in their catch or others just setting off to start their day at the sea.
  • I spend time walking along the shore 🚶‍♀️– While the rest of the tourists are still sleeping, mornings are the best time to scout the shore to find unique stones and shells. I take time to appreciate the salty sea air, the calm waves making a relaxing background sound, the busy tiny crabs, the small fishes trapped by the tide, and the sky changing colors to a lighter hue.

When I’m staying at a hotel,

  • I make sure to catch the sunrise 🌄– I use my phone’s compass tool the night before (yes, almost all smartphones have this) to orient myself where’s East. This way, I would know if my room has a sunrise view or if I have to wake up a little earlier to head to the side of the hotel or a nearby park to catch the beautiful sunrise. 
  • I sit to journal or plan ahead 📔🖊️– I do this especially if my day will be full of activities, I make sure to list them down along with the time allotted and budget for each. That way, I have peace of mind for the rest of the day plus I get to know if I have extra cash to buy other souvenir items or to try out other local cuisines. 
  • I do a light reading 📖- I like reading an article or two in a local newspaper to keep myself updated on recent events. I also have my Kindle with me, which has a couple of pre-downloaded books that I would have wanted to complete during this vacation.

4 Ways to Prioritize Self Care on Vacation

When I’m vacationing by the beach, 

  • I practice mindfulness 👣- To elevate my trip from a regular vacation to a burnout recovery vacation, I spend a lot of time on vacation practicing different forms of mindfulness. Walking along a quiet waterfront is one of the best ways to practice grounding “Forest Bathing” is an alternative when water isn’t nearby. 
  • Mini-Workouts 🏃‍♀️- Doing a few stretching activities or brisk walking by the beach help prepare my body for any activity that my vacation entails. It’s better if this is done along the shore or anywhere my body can soak up the sun’s Vitamin D!

When I’m staying at a hotel,

  • I take advantage of the hotel gym 🏋️‍♀️– Having to hit the gym for free is like a life hack that everyone should do! Sometimes hotel gyms even have sauna rooms which is the perfect combination before hitting the shower. If the hotel does not have a gym, I just use the staircases to do my morning workout. 
  • I enjoy the hotel’s buffet breakfast 🍳– Back at home, it’s rare for me to get lots of different fresh fruits and get to enjoy the them on the same day so this is one thing that I absolutely enjoy in the hotel’s buffet breakfast, along with many other food choices. 

💡 Hint: Drinking water is a must for me as soon as I wake up, whether on vacation or not. It has been known to get our systems going aside from energizing our bodies at the start of our day. Hydrating is very important throughout the day especially if the activities entail a lot of walking or other outdoor activities. 

3 Vacation Habits to Care for your Soul

When I’m vacationing by the beach, 

  • I spend time being mindful 💗– From the moment I wake up, I take time to appreciate the opportunity to be on vacation. Going outside to breathe in the fresh morning air, savor the local breakfast offers, and just treasure every moment whether by taking a picture or by creating a memory.
Colorful tumbled rocks artfully arranged on a piece of driftwood on the beach in winter.
One of my favorite vacation activities is slowing down long enough to beachcomb and create a mosaic with my found treasures.

💡 Hint: Gratitude can also be expressed by thanking the helpful hotel staff, or buying from a local coffee shop and appreciating the local flavors. Being grateful for the privilege definitely helps make any vacation enjoyable and memorable.

When I’m staying at a hotel,

  • I enjoy my morning coffee ☕– Be it by the hotel room’s terrace, or at the hotel café, I take time to savor my cup of coffee. Morning times are normally still calm and relaxed, and I enjoy these moments (and also send out happy thoughts to the universe!).
  • I indulge in long bubble baths 🛀– When there’s no schedule or anything to distract me, hotel stays are the best time to indulge in long bubble baths. It helps to bring a favorite scent for that personalized luxurious bath that will be sure to give a good night’s sleep during any vacation. 

Final Thoughts

Morning activities can make or break any day, especially the ones during a vacation. To be able to bank enough energy for the activities of the day, make sure to unplug early the night before and get a great night’s sleep. Try not to hit that snooze button no matter how tempting it is to stay in and just relax on the bed. Make the most out of this time away from our regular life simply by starting the morning on the right foot!

How do you usually spend mornings when out on a vacation? Share with us in the comments section below!